Lazy Link Day

I’ll level with you: it’s a very rainy evening, I’ve just scarfed a huge amount of pasta, and I’m not really in a creative mood. So here are some links for your clicking pleasure:

The Sporkful is a generally entertaining podcast about food, in much more depth and detail than most people ever think about the topic. But a recent episode of theirs discussed something pertinent to travel: Airplane Food. They’ve got suggestions for what to order, what to avoid, and how to approach the overall airplane eating experience (hint: it’s not going to be good).

This article about renting a private island isn’t generally applicable to most of us (or so you might think before you read it!), but I particularly wanted to include it because I think the Hairpin’s travel writing (OK, all of their writing and everything they and every other Awl-related site do) is insightful, funny, and always makes me want to actually get up and go somewhere.

And finally, I emphatically believe in the title of this essay: Every Woman Should Travel Alone. I actually believe that’s true for all people, not just women-people. The things I realized about myself while traveling alone (for nearly two months when I was twenty-one, plus several week-ish-long trips since then) have remained guiding principles of my life, and being alone and away from home (especially in a place where I didn’t speak the language) has allowed me to figure things out that would have been impossible in any other time and place.