Lazy Link Day

I’m feeling sort of overwhelmed with life stuff at the moment, so today you get two newsy little links and that is all. Next week, though, we’ve got some awesome stuff coming down the pipeline (she said confidently) so don’t you worry.

In case you’ve been sheltered from the rest of the Internet and haven’t heard about this one yet, United Airlines, in addition to being late all the time and having generally poor communication skills (in my limited experience, anyway), essentially lost a ten-year-old girl. Just when you thought airlines couldn’t get any worse PR…

And in travel business news, and also in news of one behemoth and hopefully benign company further taking over your world, Google is buying Frommer’s travel guides. I can’t say I’ve ever used Frommer’s–I guess I always thought of them as a brand for older people with more money, for no real reason. Like maybe my grandfather used them? Personally I’d be much more interested to read a travel guide written by the people who drive around town making Street View. Now those guys see some stuff.