Travel Money Tips

Prompted by the essay in today’s Billfold about “white people prices” and haggling on the road, I thought I’d collect for you some practical “travel and money” links. We do service journalism like pros!

Wisebread shares practical tips on all sorts of “money on the road” issues in a series called, straightforwardly enough, Travel and Money–scroll down to the bottom to see the other articles. Some of the advice might be obvious, like using ATMs abroad instead of carrying massive amounts of cash, and the article about carrying a decoy wallet seems like overkill to me, but it never hurts to have a reminder about some basic money safety and convenience tips.

Budget Your Trip gives you the approximate daily costs for a ton of cities around the world with a handy currency converter and options to price out a budget, midrange, or luxury vacation. The costs are built off the actual budgets of fellow travelers, who sign up to allow the site to compile their data anonymously. Oh crowds… what can’t you teach us?

Independent Traveler has a different sort of travel budget calculator. Here you input all your own dollar amounts into lots of handy categories that help remind you about the stuff you might otherwise overlook while budgeting, like Internet access or tips. I’d suggest using this one along with Budget Your Trip–use actual numbers wherever you have them and then fill in BYT’s approximations for the rest.

Happy planning!