The Best Laid Plans… (A Post in Two Listicles)

Listicle 1: Times I have planned, and failed, to go to New York City for a long weekend, and the results thereof.

1) Fall 2006. My mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Full refund on hotel, none on airfare. (She’s cancer-free now, thanks for asking.)

2) Fall 2007. My grandmother passed away. Partial refund on hotel (minus 10% deposit), none on airfare. (My fiance-at-the-time still went and seemed to enjoy himself.)

3) Spring 2012. Had heart-stomping break-up from the guy I was supposed to go with. Full refund, most likely out of ex-boyfriend’s pocket, though I never asked for sure. (We’re friends now so it’s cool.)

Listicle 2: Places I have thought about going to the extent of doing research but have never actually booked trips to (yet)

Books I have never used in the field. Also, I like Lonely Planet.

1) Buenos Aires – Iguazu Falls – Rio de Janiero (Seriously, next year!)

2) Istanbul – Ephesus – Cappadocia (I made it to Istanbul–the rest will have to wait until I have a suitable male escort.)

3) Turks and Caicos (I was trying to plan a tropical getaway type thing with a boyfriend, and then he lost his job, and then we broke up, and now the guidebook just sits on my shelf, and I will never open it again.)

4) Hiking through Czech Republic (With same boyfriend as #3. We were at a Czech-pride street festival and someone was touting their hiking tours through the Czech countryside. We talked seriously about doing it for the rest of the weekend and then never mentioned it again.)

5) Round the world ticket (I got divorced the same summer that there were massive layoffs at my office. I decided that, if I got laid off, I would ditch my real life and spend six months traveling the world, and if I didn’t get laid off, I would buy a place and settle into Chicago like an adult. I didn’t get laid off. Except that two and a half years later, I did. I shoulda bought that ticket when I didn’t have this mortgage.)