Something Completely Different

Want to do something a little different on your next vacation?
Over at the Awl today, they pointed out this cool opportunity to bookstore-sit for a couple of months this fall. It’s like your favorite daydreams about being your own boss and being engrossed in art and literature all the time, but it’s only temporary so you don’t have to worry about your ultimate financial ruin because the philistines of the world just want to read short clips and click through links on hastily written blogs.
Or maybe you want something with equal parts art and adventure? How about being an artist-in-residence in Antarctica? Heads up, though: penguins give the harshest critiques during workshopping.
And of course, one of the world’s strangest vacation destinations (maybe vacation is the wrong word–arthippiemusicdrugfreakoutexperience?) is happening at this very moment.
Roadside America is the classic compilation of all things quirky for roadtrip distractions. And believe me, if you’re planning a roadtrip of any distance (say, more than two hours) you will need some distractions. Otherwise someone’s going out the sunroof at high speeds.   
And if it’s a unique hotel you’re looking for, try a hotel made of ice, a treehouse, or a cave.  
(NB: I’ve never stayed in any of these but desperately want to stay in all of them. Especially the cave hotels.)

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