Musical Geographies: On the Road

There are about a billion and a half songs about cars and driving and being on the road, so this isn’t an exhaustive or scientific list. It’s just the first few that I thought of that I really like. Add your favorites in the comments!

Also, I know how ridiculous it is for a person who doesn’t drive to compile this list. With that in mind, I’ll work on a public-transit Musical Geography in the near future.

“Ease Down the Road” – Bonnie Prince Billy

I couldn’t find a real video, but this is a perfect example of the road-trip-as-relationship-metaphor song. See also…

“Behind the Wheel” – Depeche Mode

Great song, plus such a stylish video–80s goth interprets 60s Italy.

“Bitchin Camaro” – The Dead Milkmen

“Oh, wow, how’d you get a car?” “Oh, my parents drove it up here from the Bahamas.”

“No Particular Place to Go” – Chuck Berry


“Whoever You Are” – Geggy Tah

Novelty one-hit wonder from the 90s? Yes please.