Musical Geographies: Public Transit

As promised after last week’s driving-themed Musical Geographies, today we bring you songs about public transit, a subject much nearer and dearer to my heart.

“The El” – Rhett Miller

Obviously, we start in my hometown.

“My My Metrocard” – Le Tigre

A danceable little song that doubles as a protest against the police state Guiliani imposed in New York. You know, exactly what you expected from Le Tigre.

“Thank You Lord For Sending Me the F Train” – Mike Doughty

Something about this song has a very train-rattle-y sound to me. I dig it. That is all.

“Waiting for the Bus” – Violent Femmes

Gordon Gano’s voice perfectly echoes the feelings of any person who has ever ridden a public bus; it’s like he’s sighing resignedly the whole song.

“Magic Bus” – The Who

For a slightly happier take on the bus-riding experience.

Bonus: Any Wesley Willis song with the words “Hell Ride” in the title. Just go look ’em up.

Also, I would love to be able to do Musical Geographies without embedding YouTube videos for songs that don’t have real videos. But I can’t find a good music streaming service I like. Dear readers, do you have any suggestions?


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