Lawrence, Kansas: More Than Flyover Country (Part 2, Eats)

[Erin Schramm (along with her trusty side-dog, Clara) is an elementary school Library Media Specialist (read: school librarian) currently living in Lawrence, KS. She enjoys books, Lays Dill Pickle potato chips, and that trusty side-dog mentioned above.]

[Ed. note: In case you forgot, Erin is giving us a tour of her lovely new hometown, Lawrence, KS. See part 1, about Mass. St.., from last week, and check back later this week for the final installment!]

Need a tasty meal to top off your day? Lawrence has options for pretty much every food-lover who has ever existed.

Wa Sushi is my brother’s favorite place to go for dinner on his birthday.

Teller’s is a great locally owned bistro-type restaurant that is located in what used to be an old bank. The doors to the restrooms are actually the old vaults!

With a name like Pickleman’s, how can you go wrong?

Chefs at the Mad Greek have mad skills when it comes to preparing Greek and Italian food relatively inexpensively.

My favorite coffee shop and bar are actually one and the same. At Henry’s, the coffee shop is on the first floor and the bar (dark, intimate, relaxing, low-playing music, spiked hot drinks from the coffee shop below in the fall and winter) is up top.