Seeing and Hearing Is Believing

I haven’t had cable, or even regular TV, in several years, so I haven’t been able to binge on travel shows from PBS and the Travel Channel like I used to. Being able to see and hear real people traveling through the actual places that I was planning to go someday made me feel one step closer to it myself. To ease my travel-video deprivation, my illustrious colleague recently pointed me toward a source I hadn’t realized existed: my beloved Lonely Planet has a YouTube channel. The videos cover a variety of topics–everything from festivals to food to wildlife to practical tips–and are shot in locations around the world. One of the best features is being able to hear the hosts’/travel writers’ perspectives on the places they are and the act of traveling and travel writing itself.

This is my favorite thus far, because I’m dying to go to Morocco and because the video format is especially useful for depicting music and dance, things that don’t come across as vividly just through text.

Also, please enjoy these elephants: