Musical Geographies: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ World Travels

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists play a lot of songs set in a specific place (or talking about the act of roaming around the world). Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are also my favorite band. Coincidence? I leave that up to you.

“La Costa Brava”

Um, it’s called “La Costa Brava.” Where do you think it’s set?

“Walking To Do”

Toward the end of the song, he basically sings his way through several different towns, including Tokyo and DC. Plus, fun fact: this is the best love song ever written. That’s been scientifically proven.

“The Ballad of the Sin Eater”

This is not actually a very good song. But it’s got so many places in it! England, Spain, Russia, Syria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone… and Jersey.

“Bottled in Cork”

This video is ridiculous, and by ridiculous I mean awesome, but it has nothing to do with travel. The song, though, takes a nice little wander through Europe.

“Bridges, Squares”

Here we’ve got Boston and… somewhere in Jersey? I’ll admit I don’t know my East Coast very well. Whatever, it’s a great song.