Musical Geographies: California

Two fantastic friends of mine got married over the weekend (in one of the greatest weddings in history, which featured a metric ton of glitter, a unity volcano, and their nutty dingo-dog as ringbearer) and are now off for their honeymoon in California. In their honor, I present this list.

“Californication” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

RHCP have a lot of songs that would fit this list, but this seemed the most straightforward.

“Hotel California” – the Eagles

This song creeped me out when I heard it as a kid on the classic rock radio station in my mom’s car, and, to be honest, it still creeps me out now.

“Walking in L.A.” – Missing Persons

I visited L.A. once for three days, and that was two and half days too long. I tried to walk in L.A., and based on the weird looks I got, this song speaks truth.

“California Uber Alles” – Dead Kennedys

The dark side of the Golden State. Actually… this whole list is the dark side. Sorry ’bout that.

“Fake Tales of San Francisco” – Arctic Monkeys

OK, this song isn’t even about San Francisco or California, but it’s really good, and the fakeness goes along with the general theme.

Bonus album: The Joshua Tree – U2. My friends are using Joshua Tree as their home base for the trip, so even though the songs on this album aren’t really about California, it just seems appropriate.