Musical Geographies: St. Louis

This week’s musical geography is of the hometown of our art director, which I’m tackling essentially as a dare from her. Because our friendship is based on assigning each other increasingly difficult tasks until one of us cracks, apparently.

To my knowledge, I haven’t ever been to St. Louis, and I had to dig for a lot of these, so I’ve got no witticisms to go along with them. Sorry, kids. It’s a holiday week. What do you want from us? Now please enjoy:

“Route 66” – Chuck Berry

“Country Grammar” – Nelly

OK, I will say one thing about this. Not enough music videos feature barbecue.

“Radar Gun” – The Bottle Rockets

“New Madrid” – Uncle Tupelo

“Sound the Alarm” – Anacrusis

That’s a positive note to end on, right?


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