How to: Survive Black Friday

Because it’s a shopping trip, so it totally counts as travel.  Right?

Tip #1: Opt Out

In my younger days when I had less shit to get done, I avoided Black Friday entirely.  If you can, this is your best/most relaxing option.  Though if you must go out…

Tip #2: Eat Something

The Bolesta family motto is “Never go anywhere hungry,” and it has served me well over the years.  When I get hungry, I turn into a psycho bitchmonster and am completely miserable. My husband has (finally) learned that when I say that I’m hungry and need to eat, that is now his primary mission at the exclusion of all others.  Don’t let this happen to you when you are just about to find the perfect sweater for 50% off, or even worse are in line behind someone buying a giant heap of things who keeps arguing with the sales clerk about how much everything should cost or which coupon goes with what thing.  Be prepared, and keep your blood sugar up.  If you’re going to be out for a while, bring snacks.

Tip #3: Go Late

If you are hoping to get one of the 3 whatevers that the store has in stock at a crazy discount, then you should probably get up at 3am and wait in line with all the yahoos.  But if you (for example) cut a hole in your furnace to install a humidifier but don’t have the right length screws, then you can probably hold out until the 3rd of 4th wave of shoppers.  By the evening, the early shoppers are passed out in front of the TV and you can casually score some deals.  Or turn your furnace back on because you have plugged the hole and can enjoy some moist air.  You know, whatever.


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  1. Ah, yes, the Bolesta family motto. Started, as far as I know, by your grandpa Jack. It was already in place when Dad and I got married in ’71. Love this pictures on the site. Claire’s cat is beautiful.

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