Musical Geographies: Texas

Tomorrow we’ll feature the debut story from Ed Hirsch, an old Chicago friend who moved down to Dallas a few years back. In his honor, here are some songs about Texas.

“Livin on the Edge (of Houston)” – The Reverend Horton Heat

I will admit to never having been to Texas. Well, I’ve been to Austin, but we all know that doesn’t count. So I have no idea if Houston is as hypercharged as this song is. One can only hope.

“Texas Blues” – Hank Williams

I have three Hank Williamses to choose from, but the original seems most appropriate.

“People Up in Texas” – Waylon Jennings

I give Texas folks credit for having as much pride in their homeland as Chicagoans do. This song epitomizes that attitude.

“Streets of Laredo” – Johnny Cash

And here’s a sad cowboy death song to bring us back down again. It all balances out, see?

“Your Hand in Mine” – Explosions in the Sky

This is a long one to go out on, but half of my positive feelings about Texas come from Friday Night Lights. So please enjoy this theme song. And then go watch the show if you never did. It’s not about football. It’s very much about a place (small town West Texas) and the all-too-human people who live there, and it was shot, gorgeously, on location. It’s on Netflix Instant. Go now.


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  1. I am sad that I will never have the experience of watching Friday Night Lights for the first time again. Though Matt Saracen’s “Chicago” scenes were laughably from not-Chicago.

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