Musical Geography: Georgia

Why Georgia? Why not?

“Southern Hospitality” – Ludacris

I know jack about hip-hop, but my understanding is that Georgia is firmly embedded in the dirtiest of the Dirty South. Yes?

“Hey Ya” – OutKast

Like many another white person, I have failed to dance competently to this song many a time.

“Cold War” – Janelle Monae

Monae is utterly strange and wonderful and talented, and this is my favorite song of hers.

“So. Central Rain” – R.E.M.

Remember when they were a band? Can you believe they ever looked as young as they do in this video? Babies!

“Oh Comely” – Neutral Milk Hotel

Heard this song for the first time in years at a coffee shop last week. I had forgotten how pleasant the screeching feels on my ears.