Very Tiny Voyage: Chicago French Market

I found myself down in the Loop last week, a place I rarely venture now that I don’t work there, and I was in need of coffee. Luckily, I stumbled across a place I’d been to once or twice long ago and had completely forgotten existed: the Chicago French Market, which sounds like the market version of a bacon-wrapped shrimp: my third-favorite place wrapped inside my first-favorite place.

The market is located (conveniently for suburban commuters and West-Loop-goers, and not terribly unconveniently for any other Loopers) in the first floor of Metra’s Ogilvie Station. You can buy breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, fresh produce, cheese, bread, and basically anything else you can think of from a variety of ethnic cuisines. I was only after coffee on the morning I visited, but I could have had…

Apples. So seasonally appropriate!

A lobster. Poor l’il guy. I bet he’s delicious.

Brightly colored macarons. I really wanted one of each. Who am I kidding? Two of each.

A peacock. This is clearly decor for a very different house than I have.

So many colors of potatoes.

“Organic” soup. Why the scare quotes? Actually full of pesticides?

OK, it’s nothing you can’t get elsewhere in the city, but it is a lot of delicious food neatly packaged under one roof. Not necessarily worth a special trip, but if you’re in the area and need just about anything you can eat, drink, or bring to a party to make the hostess like you more, you should stop in.


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