In Which I Get Older and More Reflective

Today is my birthday. (This is where I imagine you will say, “Happy birthday!” and I will say,  “Thank you!”) Between looking at the year ahead in my life and the year ahead on the calendar, I’m doing a lot of plan-making and goal-setting. Here’s what I’ve got.

1. Visit four new places.

Four seems like a fair number–one per season. They don’t all have to be far away. I’d be as glad to find a new spot to camp within a few hours of home almost as to set foot in a new country. My current thoughts are: Cozumel in winter, either Argentina or Thailand in spring, Midwestern state park TBD in summer, and somewhere out west, maybe Utah or California, in fall. Suggestions?

2. Become OK with riding a bike.

This one is being somewhat forced on me, but it’s a good thing. I don’t own a bike at the moment, and I don’t like the idea of riding where there are cars partly because a) I got into a nasty crash in Amsterdam several years ago but mostly because b) I am a scaredy-cat. And I need to get over that. A healthy dose of fear will keep you safe out on the road, keep you from getting into that strange man’s car or trying to pet that adorable bison. But what I have, at the moment, is unwarranted scaredy-ness, and that will only prevent me from trying fun new things. So, I’m starting with biking.

3. Make Go Go Go even better.

This is where I need your help. We’re always looking for new contributors for both photos and words. Check out our Submissions page to see what we’re looking for. And if you want to write something that you don’t see there, just email us and ask! We’re open to anything and very liberal with our definition of travel. If you’re not up for contributing, please tweet, share, and otherwise cajole your friends to read our little blog. I’m incredibly proud of the work we put out here every day, and it’ll make my year if we can share that with more people.


One thought on “In Which I Get Older and More Reflective

  1. As one of your four new places to visit, I humbly suggest the great state of Kansas. You can camp at one of these places: and then when you get tired of camping, you can come visit me in Lawrence and we will do fun Lawrence-ian things and eat good food including KC bbq. 🙂

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