Honeymoon Helpers

My little sister just went and got herself engaged. (Congrats, kids!) I have zero interest in wedding planning, but honeymoon planning is something I can get into. Here, as ever, you’ve got an Internet-ful of resources.

The big wedding sites all have sections about honeymoons. The Knot is the mother of all wedding planning sites, and their honeymoon section gives you advice on where to go when, a timeline for planning, tips for working with a travel agent (because that’s a thing that people still do, I guess?), and, like any good SEO-seeker, “hot trends.” Because the last thing we’d want is to miss out on the hot trends.

My Wedding covers basically the same info but pared down for less totally nuts brides. Interestingly, both of these sites also cover gay-friendly honeymoon destinations. Equality!

OK, this is more like it. Explorra has a feature on unusual honeymoon destinations which covers actual places that travelers might want to check out when they can take a society-sanctioned two weeks off work. Uruguay? Tanzania? Vietnam? Excellent. The photos here are beautiful. Might inspire a fun trip even if you’re not about to get hitched.

The big question, after Where are you going? is How are you going to pay for it? Fortunately, you can now register on sites like Traveler’s Joy and the Honeyfund to have friends and family pay for airfare, hotels, and excursions while you’re on your honeymoon. This sounds a lot better to me than getting (or giving) a bunch of dish towels. Just be aware of the fees and fine print.

If you’re a honeymoon veteran with some tips or stories, share ’em in the comments!