Best Cities Around the World

I ask myself the same question every time I take a trip. Could I see myself living here?

It’s not that I don’t like Chicago. Chicago is a great city—it’s got great architecture, a nice lakefront, a quality food scene, and character-laden neighborhoods for every ethnicity and subculture you can list.

It’s just that I’ve always lived in the Midwest. Going away to college meant a whopping two-hour drive south. Not exactly the out-of-state adventure I insisted upon as a senior in high school. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else. How come I haven’t?

So everywhere I go, I think, will I move here some day? Maybe it’s a question that everyone asks and I just don’t know it. It seems like a pretty natural thing to consider.

Recently Mercer released their 2012 Quality of Living Rankings. They take a look at cities around the world and evaluate them for things like political and economic stability, rising living standards, and urban infrastructure (which, considering that I lose power if I sneeze too hard, is not to be underrated).

I think of this list as an inspiration for future travels, since every destination is a possible future home.

Most surprising to me was the number of German cities on the list. You’d think Germans would be a little giddier, considering they hold seven of the top thirty spots.

I was reassured to find Vancouver at number five, since my “Demise of the United States Escape Plan” (come on, you know you’ve thought about it) now places Canada over Mexico.

I reluctantly accept that Chicago made the list, at spot 42, but vehemently disagree with it beating out Seattle, which came in at 44. I mean, I’m sorry, can you really put Lake Michigan head-to-head with the Pacific coastline? Or mountains against a former swamp that smelled like onions? But that’s an argument for another time.

What do you think? Where are your best cities?


4 thoughts on “Best Cities Around the World

  1. Norway looks amazing! John definitely leans Nordic, and Norway has a lot of awesome natural features, so I can get on board with that.

  2. We’re too lazy to learn another language so I think Toronto is our backup. Also, you can smoke marijuana legally there and Tim aspires to becoming a pothead some day.

  3. I have lived in Chicago my whole life (including college). The only other city I have ever visited that I truly wanted to live was Solvang, California. Vineyards, sunshine, cows, slow pace. It was a glorious visit.

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