2012 in Review

Obviously, the most important thing that happened in 2012 is that we started this here blog. It’s nice, no? Thanks. We like it.

What else happened in 2012? I visited Playa del Carmen (which I liked so much, I’m returning to it later this week), Michigan, Oregon, and New York City.

Our roving photographers showed you how to travel a little bit every day by just looking a little differently at the same old things.

We had a few dear friends take us on trips across the globe and around their hometown.

We shared some great music from some of our favorite cities.

We taught you how to decide where to go, how to choose a travel companion, and how to pack.

In short, we had a great time being awesome all around the world, and we were glad you came along with us. Maybe in 2013, you can take the lead?