Musical Geography: Mexico

As I recently returned from Mexico, this seemed like an appropriate destination for a musical geography.

“Quiero Ver” – Café Tacuba

Super strange video from one of the few Mexican bands I know without having to do actual research. This makes me very poorly cultured, I’ll admit.

“La Vida No Es Igual” – Jaguares

Even with my limited Spanish, I think I basically followed this song. Regardless, the music’s good and the video is fairly entertaining.

“Mexico City” – Canasta

I’ve made no secret of my admiration for this band, and I dig this song a lot. But the video freaks me out a little bit. What’s with the feathery mask thing? It’s the stuff of nightmares.

“Banditos” – the Refreshments

Nothing like a good border-crossing caper song.

“El Diablo” – Los Tucanes de Tijuana

This song isn’t really my style, but it seems ridiculous to do a musical list about Mexico without including a narcocorrido, a folk song about the drug trade.