And The Winner Is…

Spain and Morocco by a landslide! I’m pricing out flights now and trying to determine the best way to get around (rail pass or individual tickets, might need a bus or two?). I’m shooting to go during the first two weeks-ish of April. That way I’ll miss the crowds (and high prices) of Semana Santa, and it looks like the weather should be lovely that time of year everywhere I’m going.

My plan is currently to only pass through Tangier on my way from the ferry to the night train, because a) I’d rather spend more time in fewer places and b) I’ve read Burroughs. But if you’ve got a good reason why I shouldn’t gloss over Tangier, let me know! And if you  have advice about must-sees or -dos, hotels, or restaurants in Madrid, Seville, Granada, or Marrakech, please post them in the comments.

First real international trip in a year and half, here I come!