The Grand Canyon, An Ozarks Lodge, and the Apocalypse

[In which the site-runners discuss on gchat where one of us should go on vacation. And also muse on childhood vacations and plan for the ultimate disaster.]

Claire: So Laura, you suddenly have some excess money.
Laura: I do.
me: Where would you like to go on vacation?
Laura: I think we’re still going to try the Grand Canyon.
right now it’s the only place that Jason and I both want to go
I would cut someone to go to Prague, but he spent a lot of time in Europe as a kid so it doesn’t have the same draw for him
Claire: that’s an important consideration
since I assume you don’t want to take separate vacations
Laura: Oh, he would love to be able to go to Gen Con and send me off on my own vacation, but at this point I don’t have an interest in a solo vacation
Claire: right. you guys deserve a real together vacation
you’ve done weekend trips, but have you ever gone away for like a week somewhere far away?
Laura: We went down to Florida a few years ago to try to catch the last space shuttle launch
it was delayed because of weather and I was just getting over bronchitis, but it was still nice to get out of town, and get some sun and warmth in April
Claire: definitely. stupid weather being all cold up here.
Laura: I have some other goals I’d like to accomplish in the spring, and going to the desert in the summer seems misguided, so I think fall is going to be vacation time
Claire: fall is the perfect time for a vacation. nothing is crowded because kids are in school.
Laura: Right. And it’s not balls hot.
Claire: Do you think you’ll be camping or hotel-ing?
Laura: Hotel-ing, definitely
I have no desire to hump gear around
Claire: you should splurge on a night in a nice lodge, I think.
Laura: Assuming we can get a reservation. As Brooke has pointed out, that can be a challenge
Claire: ah, right.
but check these out:
so cool!
Laura: I want to go to there.
so many options.
Laura: Those photos kind of remind me of this place we would go to when I was a kid
though, in hindsight I’m sure that place was super crappy
Claire: eh. crappy doesn’t matter when you’re a kid
you’re just excited by something different. it’s an adventure.
Laura: Right. They had a swimming pool and a trampoline.
it was awesome
Claire: whoa. I would go for that right now.
Laura: Yeah. My parents had a group of friends that would get together and do stuff like that, so there were also a ton of other kids there
it was brilliant, really
Claire: that sounds both super fun and also very middle-class middle-American
Laura: It was. The parents would drink and bullshit all day, and the kids would run wild.
Claire: That’s so perfect. I wanna do that
Laura: Well it would be a haul from Chicago, but the place is still around:
Claire: I’ll keep it in mind for the future, when I have several kids to tow around and friends with same.
Laura: Have I ever told you about my childhood Robin Hood fantasies?
Claire: no, but I would like to hear about it immediately.
Laura: I was moderately obsessed with the Disney Robin Hood movie and would concoct adventures where I was Maid Marion
That’s right, I had a crush on paint
Claire: yeah, didn’t we all.
Laura: I would have been too young for archery when we would go to the lodge, but I did get to try it at Girl Scout camp later on. There was never enough of it for my fancy, though.
Now I feel like it’s a skill I should learn in case there’s an apocalypse
Claire: you’ve got a long list of those, don’t you?
Laura: I do. I feel like I already know a lot of useful things, but they’re more medium-term survival things
Lasting the first week seems like it would be a critical period
Claire: you have a point.
that’s something I basically never think about
if there were an apocalypse, I think I’d like to be killed instantly in the original incident.
survival is too much work, with the machetes and the jumping over things and such.
Laura: I’m waiting for a dare to be great situation
Claire: wow, that conversation took an odd turn.
Laura: I can turn any conversation in a weird direction. It’s why I’m so fun at parties.

[After this point, we rapidly switched topics and began gossiping about boys, so this is where your peek into the conversation ends. Do you have any advice for our art director as she plans her trip to the Grand Canyon?]


One thought on “The Grand Canyon, An Ozarks Lodge, and the Apocalypse

  1. Laura, I just stumbled across this article and thought to write a brief response. Cobblestone Lodge is still going strong and we are proud to be approaching our 80th year. There have been many improvements and innumerable additions over the years. We are not the Ritz on the river nor would we ever claim to be. We do, however, try very hard to meet the expectations of our patrons. The guests, many of whom have been coming for generations, add an element that make this place truly special. An element you might remember. We often see people that have never met before leave as lifelong friends. We are quite literally the living past of a forgotten sense of community and social congeniality. I do appreciate the mention and I feel privileged that this place left you with fond childhood memories, however, I would like to challenge your ‘hindsight’ assessment as I believe it to be inaccurate and undeserved. If your family were to come as our guests I feel confident that you would leave with a very different perspective. Whether you are staying for a duration or checking the place out while passing through, please do come and visit if opportunity permits.

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