The Great Affair

[This is a new, occasional feature, in which we talk about other blogs we love.]

One of the cool things about being a travel blogger is that the online travel community is just so useful. We’re all going places all the time, and the likelihood is, someone else has gone there first and has some advice for us. This exact situation arose last weekend, when I suddenly started freaking out about the fact that I can’t buy a ticket for the night train from Tangier to Marrakech until I actually hit land in Tangier. So I did what any modern human has when they have a problem: I googled “marrakech tangier night train tickets” and started clicking links at random.

One of those links led me to an article called “Riding on the Marrakech Express,” in which the author extols the virtues of traveling by slower and less-direct routes and enjoying the journey. Her piece made me excited to take the ride myself, but I was still a little nervous. So I left a comment asking about the feasibility of buying a train ticket the day before or the day of travel.

Just a few hours later, the traveler-in-chief of The Great Affair, Candace Rardon, had answered my question in the comments and–AND–sent me an email with the same info, just in case I wasn’t notified that she’d responded in the comments. Because travel bloggers are, first and foremost, travelers, and we’ve all got to help each other out when we’re on the road.

Candace has a great site. She’s hit dozens and dozens of locations around the world, taking beautiful, bright, interesting photographs and, even more interesting to me, making sketches of the sights she sees. That’s not a feature you see on just any Jane Suitcase’s site. Beyond the images, she tells her stories from the road with enough boldness and confidence that makes you feel like you could go where she goes and do what she does… which is the best possible result of travel writing.