As you know, we like TripAdvisor around these parts. We find it useful for both daydreaming and planning. But, as will happen anywhere the world’s population gathers to provide their deep thoughts and carefully considered opinions, TripAdvisor includes some stupid, wrong, and just plain weird comments.

There is, of course, a tumblr for that.

Tripadvisaargh is not new to the world, but it’s new to me. These fine folks have taken it upon themselves to gather up the oddities of TripAdvisor for our amusement.

Sometimes the reviews make the destinations seem too bad to be true. Many comments revolve around the various bodily fluids and pests that can be found in hotel rooms… and occasionally in drinks. And more of the stories than you’d expect involve sexual harassment and exhibitionists.

But sometimes the reviews just make the commenters look bad. Several (apparently British) people wrote because they were quite upset that when they went abroad, the people there weren’t British, they didn’t all speak English, and they couldn’t always get a full English breakfast. At least two other reviews seem to make light of the Holocaust. One mentions leaving a hotel because of a ghost.

It’s good to remember, when reading reviews on TripAdvisor or anywhere else, where those reviews are coming from. They come from people. And people, as we all know, are notorious idiots. So be warned.

h/t The Awl, which tells us about all the good things that there are in the world.