Musical Geographies: Best Methods of Transport

This week, videos that show us some interesting–and occasionally unreal–ways to get around.

“Na Na Nothing” – Mike Doughty

Doughty takes many forms of transport in this video, including boat and parachute, but obviously the best is when he rides to Antarctica on a polar bear (who is probably a little annoyed at being so far from home).

“Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men

They’ve got an airship and a flying iceberg! What else do you need for a little adventure time?

“Intergalatic” – the Beastie Boys

Um guys they land in Tokyo in an intergalatic robot. This is why the Beasties were the best.

“The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” – Queens of the Stone Age

OK, there’s very little motorcycle riding in this video, but I think it’s significant because it’s so slow and yet so bad-ass. You see if you could pull that off.

“Crazy” – Aerosmith

In the realm of the possible, is there a better way to get around than joyriding? I mean, it’s called joy-riding.

Bonus Track: “Here It Goes Again” – OK Go

You guys remember this one, of course. Technically they don’t go anywhere, but they do move a lot. Metaphor for life, or just super rad viral video? You be the judge.