Help a Minor Internet Celebrity

Dear readers,

Your favorite Minor Internet Celebrity (a/k/a that dude I grew up with who wrote that thing that time), Ed Hirsch, is plotting his next international incident–errr, adventure. He’s tackling Spain, people! This is huge and wonderful. He’s never been to Europe before. But he needs your help.

He’s got two weeks, most likely in August/September this year. He wants some history, some culture, and some cute girls. (These are the same things he wants everywhere.) He doesn’t want to spend huge piles of money, but he’s too old for hostels. Where should he go? What should he do? How should he get around? Open jaw or full circuit? Concentrate in one region or plow through the whole thing? Should he see a bullfight? Should he try to squeeze in Portugal?

These are the burning questions we put to you, our loyal and brilliant readers. Only your crowdliness can provide the wisdom we need. Help us help Ed. 

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