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World-traveler (and fellow Chicago resident!) Pola Henderson is your host at Jetting Around, a blog focused mostly on city breaks with some additional tips for day trips as well as occasional interviews, photos, and contests. I started following Pola on Twitter (@jettingaround), where she seems to be the master of connecting with fellow travelers and being encouraging in both English and Spanish. (Originally from Poland, Pola has lived in Europe, North Africa, and North America. Basically, she’s been traveling since always.) But she’s also got a great (if less-frequently-updated) blog where she goes more in-depth about her trips and thoughts about travel.

She’s got a couple of interesting projects in the works. Right now she’s on a train headed across Canada with a group of travel bloggers headed to the TBEX Canada conference in Toronto. And this fall she’s going down to Ecuador to volunteer on community projects with Greenheart Travel.

On a more regular basis, though, she travels around mostly North America and Europe, sharing her insights into the cities she visits and giving practical tips, like how to get around (OK, maybe I’m dumb, but I didn’t know you could actually walk from San Diego into Mexico, and now I really want to do that) and the best time to go to the destination. She also shares general thoughts and musings about travel, because being a blogger gives you license to act like a psychologist and philosopher <ahem>.

Basically, she comes across as down-to-earth and casual, like a friend you’d actually turn to for advice. Plus, I’m pretty sure she knows everyone in the travel blogosphere, and perhaps the world, on Twitter. If you’re looking for a suggestion on a city break, go check her out.


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