Get Social with Go Go Go

Hello, readers. Your friendly neighborhood staff writer is making a few major life changes. I’ve quit the job that actually paid me money to become a stay-at-home-wife (at least for a few months), and that means I can spend more time on a job I really like but pays nothing—Go Go Go.

So, meet your new Social Media Director!

I’ll be slamming you with status updates, tweets, and pins about every five minutes, since I have nothing else to do now.

But seriously, folks, I hope to wield my new title to share useful tips and awesome destinations with you that will inspire your own travels, be they near or far. For instance, I stumbled upon this list of delicious diners in Wisconsin. I, for one, will travel great distances for a good scoop of ice cream, so a summer road trip to this adorable 50s diner in Wautoma, WI, is definitely in order.

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One thought on “Get Social with Go Go Go

  1. Woohoo! This will be so much better than our automatic updates and my sporadic pinning!

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