A Crowd-Sourced Packing List

We’ve covered packing tips on Go Go Go here and here, but there’s nothing like the wisdom of crowds to reveal some very helpful but not always obvious items that you may not think of while packing for your next trip.

Many of these suggestions came from our friends on Facebook. Thanks for the tips! Feel free to add more in the comments section.

  1. Tummy remedies like Pepto Bismol, Tums, or Imodium. Sketchy street food laying you out? Feeling gross after a long flight? Have the spill-proof and carry-on-friendly chewable tablets on hand.
  2. Blister remedies, like moleskin, blister bandages, or second skin. If you’re walking around a city or hiking in a national park, you’ve gotta have happy feet. A tiny, harmless blister can single-handedly drag down your entire trip. Backpacker magazine gives a nice rundown of what works here.
  3. USB and/or Aux In connectors. Got a long drive ahead? Most rental cars these days come standard with either an Aux In or a USB port for your phone/mp3 player. This cable for Apple products has both types of inputs in one compact cable.
  4. Outlet splitter. Outlets can be hard to come by in crowded airport terminals. Offer to plug in a splitter, and everyone wins. As one Go Go Go friend pointed out, “rather than take away an outlet, you’re actually just adding one for yourself.”
  5. Cleansing wipes for all your parts. After a long flight or throughout a camping trip, nothing feels as good as a quick refresh. Use wipes for your face, your hands, your pits, or your many other crevices. Drugstore.com has lots of options, but my favorite is Dude Wipes, for the manly wiper.
  6. “Snacks! Always snacks!” Snacks, the great placaters for all travel ills. Getting hungry on a long flight or while waiting out a flight delay on the tarmac turns me into raging grouch, and I think I’m not alone here. The person with a snack in her pack is the smartest person in the airport. The one with white chocolate macadamia nut Clif bars? The super smartest, because they are delicious.
  7. Ziplock bags, in many sizes. They’re great for camping, organizing, waterproofing, packing snacks (see item 6), and, paired with a wad of Kleenex, essential on any hiking trail long enough to require an emergency pit stop behind a tree.
  8. Names and numbers. Bring your flight numbers, confirmation numbers, hotel addresses and phone numbers, and the phone number of your airline’s reservation line in case your flight is cancelled. (You can call that number while you also wait in line to get rebooked, improving your chances of getting on the next flight out.) I like using TripIt for my itineraries, which makes all your info accessible even without an Internet connection. It’s also a good idea to have a hard copy, too, in case your technology fails you. (And… see item 6).

What other items make your travels easier? Tell us!