Minneapolis? You Betcha!

[Today we’ve got a guest post from our friend Alaina Webster over at Absolute Uncertainties. She’s a full-time mother, wife, and grammar queen, who enjoys reading, writing, and thinking up projects for Jon. An amateur foodie, wine lover, and full-on beer snob, Alaina relishes Happy Hour, good dinners, and planning a month’s worth of meals at one time, complete with advance-prepped shopping lists. She doesn’t bake much, can’t sew, and is fairly useless in a domestic sense, but then, that’s why she married Jon. Also, she’s not so secretly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, for which she will not be judged by you! Check out the original post here.]

About a month and  a half ago, my fantastic (and loyal) friend Stephanie and I decided, very randomly one evening after a few glasses of wine, to fly up and visit our dear friend Miranda in her recently adopted city, Minneapolis, MN. M-Rae (which you can only call her if you’ve been friends with her since you were twelve), had moved to “The North Star State” a little under a year ago, but as yet, Steph and I had not made it up there, and it seemed like it was high time to remedy this.

We arrived late Friday morning, and since Miranda was still at work, we took ourselves off the only reasonable place–The Mall of America. Actually, considering that neither of us are really into Shopping with a capital “S” and we also don’t really like other people, the Mall wasn’t the most obvious choice, but it’s close to the airport, and we thought it had an Ikea. It does not; Ikea is across the street. However, we did have enough time for Stephanie (read her take on the weekend here) to tag us at Glamour Shots on Facebook, which she found endlessly amusing. Luckily, before she could tag us at, say, Frederick’s of Hollywood or something equally ridiculous, Miranda rescued us and whisked us away to Ikea.



Following our slack-jawed-in-amazement tour of Ikea, we tootled back to Shakopee to see Miranda and Josh’s lovely home, drink some wine, and get ready for dinner. Before dinner, though, Miranda took us to a seriously hip bar in a downtown hotel, where the bartenders, who all had total hipster ‘staches, made us fancy, fancy martinis while gracefully putting up with our ridiculousness.  I guess Lawrence isn’t the only place that’s home to happy hipsters.



After this, we ate dinner at an upscale comfort food joint, Haute Dish, that specializes in traditional Minnesota favorites, so we enjoyed a foodie take on Tater Tot Casserole. So freaking good. I could eat their hashbrown tater tots with cheese for days. (I should not, clearly, but I still probably would. Don’t judge.) Following this, we briefly checked out a drag show, but while the bar, Gay 90s, looked like it totally had potential, it was sadly sort of dead, so we headed over to Seven for a few more rounds before hopping a pedi-cab back to our car and calling it a night.

Saturday morning, I slept in, mostly because I could, and we didn’t really get moving until about 1. We spent a leisurely morning chatting in the kitchen, doing the thing I love most about really good friends–even if you haven’t seen each other in a while, you can pick right up where you left off. There are no awkward moments, no lengthy, weird pauses. For lunch Miranda suggested that we check out Psycho Suzi’s, a tiki lounge/biker bar that served even more tator tots and drinks like these:



Both of which I was extremely grateful for after the previous nights’ activities.

Next we checked out a couple of local breweries, 612 and Fulton, in between being given an impromptu auto-tour of the city by Mrs. Anderson. We also, unintentionally, began stalking the Food Network show “The Great Food Truck Race” since, clearly, food trucks and breweries go together. (Although, they were also on one of the downtown bridges when we walked across it, so I sort of feel like maybe they were in fact stalking us. But really, who wouldn’t?)



After purchasing a growler of Fulton’s English Mild, we headed back to the Anderson abode, where Josh cooked us a fantastic dinner, after which we enjoyed another pint around the firepit. After the full-on, party-pants craziness of Friday, it was a lovely, relaxing, low-key day.

Sunday, I lazed about in the a.m. again, but after I stopped being a lazy-ass, Miranda and Josh took us off to Canterbury Park for our first ever horse race experience!



Sadly, some untimely and completely unsympathetic rain put an early end to our betting experience, but we still had fried cheese curds, foot-long hot dogs (well, some of us–who can handle more meat than others), and local brews before being whisked off to the airport and back to the Land of Ahs. (Oh, Kansas. It was a seriously cheesy day when you came up with that one.)

Minneapolis was a blast, and I will definitely be going back, if only for the races and the cheese curds. (I honestly could have spent at least two days there, for real. So. Fun.) It’s been decided that at some point in the not-so-distant future the three of us are going to storm New Orleans (ooo, probably not the best word choice there, but I’m too lazy to fix it), so stay tuned for further adventures of still-vaguely-young, white, suburban women. (What? I can’t believe you’re not that excited after that. Jerks.)


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  1. Those Ikea veggies are redonk. I almost always end up buying some kind of plushie there, “for the pets.”

    • I got the broccoli for our youngest, who is 15 months, and the “head” is so much heavier than the “body” that she can’t really even carry it around!

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