Reasons Why Wisconsin Might Be Heaven

All work and no play (OK, there has been a little play) make Claire something something… So today I’m off (with my Go Go Go co-conspirators and two bonus chicks) to Wisconsin for the second-annual GIRLCAMP, which has to be written in all caps like that because I did it one time last year and it stuck. (This has much in common with Go Go Go’s origin story.) We’re headed to New Glarus State Park for camping, biking, tubing, and campfire-sitting. I’m looking forward to, hopefully, being out of cell phone range and also to enjoying all the wonders of Wisconsin.

1) Beer. We’re going to New Glarus. I’m not going to pretend the brewery had nothing to do with our choice of location.

2) Cheese. Duh.

3) Dark and quiet. It’s not a very big campground, and it’s pretty far from any large metropolitan area. I’m hoping to see real stars.

4) Biking through a really long and probably really scary tunnel. Eep. Are there going to be bats? I’ve been freaked out by bats ever since a caving trip when I was small.

5) Being on a river with nothing to do but float, look at nature, breathe very slowly, and check in with the cooler tube from time to time.

6) Everything being so cheap. How is it even possible that everything is that cheap?

As you read this, we’re on our way. Assuming we don’t have cheese-and-sausage-induced heart attacks and aren’t eaten by raccoons, we’ll be back on Monday with tales and photos aplenty. Enjoy your weekends, everyone–even if you don’t get to go to Wisconsin.


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