Biking New Glarus

Stewart Tunnel on the Badger State Trail in Wisconsin. Courtesy of Erin Borreson

There were no trolls in the tunnel. As far as we know.

The tunnel, part of an old railway that is now a bike trail, is a quarter mile long and curves gently, meaning you can’t see through from one end to the other. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. You have to plunge into the darkness in order to see the light.

Or something. I’m still working on my life-lesson guru skills.

– Erin Borreson

The Stewart Tunnel is part of the Badger State Trail, a 40-mile path that runs between Madison, Wisconsin, and the Illinois border. In the town of New Glarus, this trail runs alongside another: the Sugar River State Trail is a 24-mile path that leads into the New Glarus State Park, which your friendly Go Go Go team recently used as a base for GIRLCAMP, an annual gathering of girls who camp.

– Erin Borreson

Both of these trails are relatively flat because they used to be railways in a previous life. For GIRLCAMP, I turned up a nice little loop trail for a nice little ride that connects the two through the rolling moraines of southern Wisconsin farmland.

Some of us liked the hills more than others. But we all got over them, one way or another, because we are girls who camp, and girls who camp can do anything.

After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs cooked over the fire, we headed out. We went over a river, and through the woods. We conquered the hills of Exeter Crossing and Argue Road. We plunged into darkness and came out on the other side.

The final hill wound up and up a steep moraine, at the top of which sat the New Glarus Brewery, where we took in the views amongst the “ruins” and rewarded ourselves for a job well done.

View from the New Glarus Brewery.


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