My Amazon Wish List

It’s my birthday today, and some friends and family that want to get me a gift opt to check out my Amazon Wish List for ideas.

You may or may not know that you can add things from all over the Internet to your Amazon Wish List. It doesn’t have to be sold on Amazon at all. Just add the “Add to Wish List” button to your bookmarks bar and everything will aggregate in one handy place. It’s a  nice way to keep track of all the worldly goods you wished you owned.

But, oh, it’s so much more than worldly goods. I had a moment of total joy when I realized I could add trips.

So among the kitchen gadgets and guidebooks, I have added, as highest priority, the Patagonia Wilderness Package from, for the low, low price of $3,895 per person.

If that’s too expensive, then I’d take the Inca Trail 4-Day guided trek from Pachamama Explorers, for the more reasonable price of $580 per person.

In case someone’s looking to get me across the pond, I’d also settle for the 6-day self-guided Alta Via 1 trek in the Dolomites of northern Italy, for 620 Euros, or $922 USD, per person.

So anyone looking to surprise me with a trip of a lifetime for my birthday, just check my Wish List. Oh, and I could also really use a citrus zester.