Something To Look Forward To

I’ve been stuck in a pretty bad work grind for the past couple weeks. My company just launched its product (woohoo!) but it’s meant 60, 70, 80 hour weeks for us several weeks in a row, and lots of stress and chaos in those weeks. It’s times like this, when just getting through the day seems like an exhausting struggle, that I like to start mentally planning a trip.
It would be a terrible time to start really, practically planning a trip (although I’ve been known to do that, too. Hey, untaken bike trip to Thailand!). But it’s a wonderful time to pick a place and start daydreaming about it.
These days, when a particular bit of my job (which I love, but c’mon, it’s still a job) gets me feeling awful, I start thinking about Argentina. Specifically, I start thinking about Iguazu Falls. Because while I’m sure that tangoing in Buenos Aires will be–well, probably hilarious, knowing how well I dance–and riding through vineyards near Mendoza will be relaxing, nothing sounds quite as thrilling or awe-inspiring or probably life-changing as hiking through the jungle to waterfalls mighty enough to invade three countries at once.
I don’t do enough nature-seeing in my travel. I’ve complained about it before. A lot of it is due to my lack of reliable travel companion, because hiking in the wilderness alone is a spectacularly bad idea. And a lot of it, too, is due to my lack of time to travel. It’s easy to fly into a city, spend a long weekend, pack in the sights, and fly out again. Seeing natural wonders almost always involves a longer journey and somewhat of a drive after a flight. And given that my driving is about is good as my dancing, that’s something I tend to avoid.
But this week especially, one of the thoughts I kept turning to to help me power through some long and occasionally frustrating days and nights was that, if I just get through this, I will absolutely deserve a good ten days on a brand new continent. I will have earned coatis and toucans and jaguars (if I’m very, very good) and getting completely soaked and deafened by those incredible falls. And I’ll appreciate it all the more, remembering the long days I put in to get there.
And now I’ll finally have the time to start pricing out flights.