The Future of Travel

[a/k/a Claire gets bored on page four of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop PDF and decides to think about cooler things]

I don’t know if you kids have noticed, but I am not a scientist. I am not a technologist, inventor, or engineer. But I am a girl with a blog, and that entitles me to write what I please, whether I have any knowledge about it or not. Which is why I’m here to tell you today that Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is pretty cool-seeming and all (I imagine it like the pneumatic tubes at the bank, even though he clearly states that it’s not–he calls that “impossible for all practical purposes”) but I have some much better ways to travel that someone should go ahead and commercialize for me.

1) Teleporter

OK, I know that the computers that would be able to handle the kinds of calculations necessary to do this kind of thing are pretty far down the line, but this is my dream transportation. I’m not picky about having all my original atoms intact. You can destroy me as long as you create another exact replica me in, say, London, so I can go to tea at Emma and Charlie‘s house whenever I feel like it. Or rather, I suppose, whenever they invite me. I don’t want to be rude, even with super-cool technology at my fingertips.

2) Flying car

I actually dislike both flying and driving. But I like the idea of getting above traffic and yet feeling as safe as I do in a car (which is: kinda safe). So if a flying car could be like that, then I think I’d enjoy it. Plus, traveling “as the crow flies” would make it way easier to get to certain destinations, for example, my grandparents’ house, which I normally get to by driving south around Lake Michigan to go north. The reality is closer for this than for teleportation, but according to this NBC news report, there are still some real-world hiccups in the usual forms: cost and regulations.

3) Jetpack

Who are we kidding? I’d be way too scared to do this. But I feel like a jetpack would be more appropriate for my lifestyle than a flying car. It’s smaller and thus easier to park in the city. It comes in a sweet cherry red color, so it doubles as a prop for the midlife crisis I’m sure I’m due for any minute now. And, according to a New Zealand test pilot, it’s “awesome.” What higher recommendation do you want?