World’s Most Beautiful Canoe Rescue

We just spent nine days in the Canadian Rockies, and for some reason, the first thing I want to write about is this canoe rescue on Emerald Lake.

I believe it is probably the world’s most beautiful canoe rescue.

Emerald Lake is in Yoho National Park, which maybe you’ve never heard of because everyone talks about Banff. Yoho is Banff’s quiet but equally beautiful neighbor.

Many of the lakes in Yoho are fed by glaciers. As a result, they are this intense, milky, Tiffany blue. If Disney made a lake, they would dye it this color.

These lakes are blue because as the glaciers melt, the water carries rock flour with it, and that flour refracts light in such a way that makes it look insane. So there’s a bit of vague science for you.

Back to the canoe rescue.

Visitors can drive right up to Emerald Lake, so it’s a popular stop for charter buses with names like Cheerful Holiday and Splendid Vacation Time, full of foreign and elderly camera-ready tourists. So there were a lot of people enjoying the show. And quite certainly I’m not the only one who brought back photos.

Glacial water is cold. But these two faced it bravely. No shouts, no crying. Just a silent canoe tip and a stoic effort to not sink the boat.

Clearly embarrassed, they calmly treaded water and listened to the directions from the forbearing parks guy, who walked them through a T-rescue.

The folly of inexperienced tourists in national parks usually makes me grouchy, but I was quite entertained. Probably because of the calming effect of the blue waters.