In Which We Get Press

We (Claire and Laura) were recently interviewed by our blog friend Diana Nguyen over at To&From magazine about Go Go Go, travel (duh), and Chicago.

Shocking secrets revealed include: Laura reads too much, and I don’t use any beauty products no matter where I am on the globe.

Laura got all the pull quotes, which I’m going to not feel jealous about. In general, she probably gives a better interview than I do. I feel like a couple of my more hilarious (read: not hilarious) comments were left out of the final edit of the interview. Those include the fact that when traveling to Morocco, one thing to remember is to not be a white girl on your own.

The issue we’re featured in focuses on Chicago, a subject on which this site has strong opinions. All due respect to Diana (who gives many excellent recommendations in the issue, including the Art Institute, Intelligentsia, and Half Acre) telling visitors to go to Navy Pier and Wrigley Field is setting them up for a bad time. (Sorry, my Sox is showing.) In order to appreciate the Chicago that those of us who live here love, you have to get well clear of the Loop and that mile that everybody says is so great. I can’t even tell you where to go. My places won’t be yours. But to try to figure it out: Get on the El. Find the person who smells the least bad. Ask them who makes the best tacos. They will have an opinion. Heed it.