Everyday Photo: Rogue Chicken

Everyday Photo: Rogue Chicken


[ed. note: A bit blurry, but come on, it’s a freaking chicken, by the sidewalk. What are you doing there, chicken?]


8 thoughts on “Everyday Photo: Rogue Chicken

  1. Not so gross. When I visited my grandparents in rural Arkansas I would sit in the chicken pen and pet them for hours. One aunt remarked, “Well, I *never* saw anyone pet a *chicken*. I guess it’s alright if they don’t scratch you too much.

  2. I don’t think roosters can hold a candle to turkeys. When I was young (elementary school–aged?), the same grandparents had an outhouse that was in the chicken yard (a different yard from the one in which I petted the chickens). That turkey was so mean there was a big stick at the gate so people could fend him off. But I couldn’t do it myself. One of my aunts had to go with me.

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