Sign Spotting in the Canadian Rockies

On Wednesday, I posted photos of animals we saw in Canada. But on every trip, my favorite type of spotting is sign spotting. Some of my biggest regrets is not turning the car around to go back and take a photo of a particularly unique or amusing sign.

Here are a few we captured during our recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Seen in a Banff gift shop. This special item was $800.

Guilt trip in our bathroom. Most hotel rooms have a sign explaining the environmental benefits of not changing out sheets and towels each day. None of them have ever made me feel ashamed. Thanks, Banff Inn!

This is not the type of danger you expect to encounter on a hike. Bears? Sure. Falling to your death? Likely. Getting blown up by a warhead? Not so much. A google search turned up no explanation of this sign, so I have none to offer you.

This is a trail marker. The kind they use when the trail is completely indistinguishable because it’s all boulder hopping and climbing and traversing. The kind they use on “apine routes” as opposed to trails. We saw a lot of these on this trip. Some might say we saw too many of them.

And finally, peeling paint reveals a long history of charter buses shuttling millions of tourists around the national parks. At least this one carries only three passengers.


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