A Moment to Daydream

Work is taking its toll on me, I will admit. Today is the first in the history of Go Go Go that I haven’t posted in a timely manner, and while that no doubt doesn’t matter at all to you, loyal readers, it matters a lot to me. But other things got in the way, namely, hours and hours of incredibly challenging and seemingly unending work. This job is, in a word, overwhelming. And I stick with it because it’s the first work I’ve done for a salary that I don’t consider a day job but real, important, life-changing, brain-straining work.

But it’s slowly killing me, and without breaks, I would go absolutely nuts. Which is why I’m fantasy-planning two weeks in Argentina and realistically planning what seems like an absurdly lovely long weekend in Wisconsin with an absurdly lovely dude. And it’s also why I’ve got this as my wallpaper on my laptop.

new mosqueThat’s the Yeni Cami, or New Mosque (which is of course about 400 years old), in Istanbul as seen from the balcony of tasty and not-as-overpriced-as-it-could-be restaurant Hamdi Et Lokantasi. Istanbul is my favorite of all of the places I’ve visited in the world so far, and every day, for at least a minute, I minimize all the windows on my laptop and just take a look at this picture, and remember how simultaneously exciting and relaxing Istanbul was, how perfect the weather, how warm the people, how delicious the endless baklava and tea, how wonderful it was to get lost and found and lost and found in its twisting old streets. A moment is all I get right now to daydream about going back someday or, even better, finding a new favorite. But, for now, a moment is enough.