Men in Floaties

Think of an outdoor activity. Got one? You can do it in Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Lakes is a giant outdoor playground.

We were there recently to do some hiking in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, but hiking is more in the background in these parts. Skiing is the focus here, but there are also mountain bike trails, complete with shuttle buses that tow up to 30 or so bikes on a trailer to various trailheads in the area.

And then there’s fishing. I don’t fish but I totally get why people do. Especially in Mammoth. Fishing is the perfect excuse to sit and do nothing for hours. And if you can do that in one of the most beautiful places on earth, all the better.

I’m not very attuned to the fishing world. It borders closely to the hunting world, which I feel ambivalent about. (I was unilaterally opposed to hunting until I read Michael Pollen’s An Omnivore’s Dilemma).

So I was delighted to discover this special piece of equipment for fishers.

It’s a floaty. For grown men.

Put your legs through, and wade out to the deep water. Catch yourself a fish.