The Biggest Luxury

“Time,” said the wise man relaxing in the hot tub on his first vacation in way too long, “is the biggest luxury.”

He’s right. All of the fourteen-pillowed beds and turquoise ocean vistas and fountains of champagne and gold-flake-sprinkled cupcakes don’t matter a bit if you don’t have the time to stop and breathe and enjoy them. That’s why this past weekend–a short road trip, a kitschy hotel, a slice of Americana–was one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. Because rarely in my life have I ever needed so badly to just take some time.

Right now, all of us at Go Go Go are a little busy. Our beloved writer Brooke has started her own business (try looking at those photos and not drooling). Ace art director Laura is busily producing law books at work and wrangling a small menagerie at home (these two are strikingly similar). I’m trying to teach the students of America how to actually think. We’ve got tons of great things going on. What we don’t have enough of is time.

Which means we’re going to scale back here. We’re not going away; we’re just slowing down a bit. We’ll still publish each weekday, but either a photo or an article, not both. That way, what we post will be more quality, less fluff (like this), and hopefully leave enough time for ourselves to actually go out into the world and have the kinds of adventures that you then get to enjoy vicariously here.

In the meantime, we are always accepting submissions, if you want to help us fill out these pages with your own tales from the road.


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  1. My pets are much better trained than some people I’ve dealt with…they at least respond when I ask them questions.

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