Canada Big and Small

Canada. It’s big. Expansive. Nearly 4 million square miles. Only Russia’s territory is larger. It touches three oceans, and it has more coastline than any other country in the world.

The Canadian Rockies, which sit along the border of Alberta and British Columbia, are nearly 70,000 square miles. That’s big enough to house five national parks, including the most well known, Banff.

Of all the natural spaces I’ve been too, none have felt as oversized and enormous as the Canadian Rockies.

If one were to stand roadside on TransCanada Highway 1 and turn a full circle, the brain would not be able to compute the size. Everything is so big and so far away, there’s no point of comparison to lend it scale.

Because of this lack of comprehension, it’s the photos of some of the smaller bits of Canada that stand out to me today as I write this post. And those are the photos I’d like to share with you.

Reeds growing shoreside along the very blue Lake Louise.

Morning dew along the Iceline Trail.

Canoes on Moraine Lake.

And finally, a young fir tree in late afternoon near Lake O’Hara, reachable only by those lucky enough to get a limited spot on the mandatory bus system. We sat and watched these trees for hours as we waited for the bus to take us back to civilization.


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