The Dragons of Southern Illinois

[Ed. note: We are pleased to offer the first of a short series we’re borrowing from friend-of-Go-Go-Go Mary Kate Rix. Mary Kate and her brand-spankin’-new husband Ray are on their honeymoon, and she’s blogging their roadtrip adventures. You can check out the original story from which this is excerpted here.]

After a bit of a late start, we headed straight for the Kaskaskia Dragon [in Vandalia, Illinois, and you guys, it BREATHES ACTUAL FIRE], which ended up being right across the street from the drive-thru liquor store and was totally cool, despite Ray’s comments from the peanut gallery.

MK Dragon

Then we hopped over to the Dungeons and Dragons park, which was way cooler than expected. It’s off a tiny little road and fenced in so it’s kind of hard to spot, but once we were in we were pretty impressed. The park was built as a memorial to a teenage boy who passed away in a car accident in that spot by his father because the son was very much into playing the game. The park is entirely run off donations.


There are all sorts of cool statues standing about, a giant dragon and wizards. Totally up my alley.


Then, on the side there’s a huge castle that we ran around in. It’s meant for kids so there were a few hidden spots we couldn’t quite reach, but it was really impressive.