Hotels of the Weird and Famous

Got to talking about hotels this morning, via a roundabout conversation about tree houses (as I have mentioned previously, I would like to stay in a tree house someday). Which made me think, sure, we could stay in just any old place in Argentina… but why not stay somewhere completely weird? (Note: most of these are not on our itinerary. It’s just a nice peg for a story, OK?)

The Don Enrique Lodge isn’t exactly a tree house, but I will never turn up my nose at a cabin in the jungle with a hammock. Or anywhere with a hammock, really.

The Entre Cielos Hotel also isn’t exactly a tree house, but it does sit above some beautiful Mendoza vineyards. Plus, there’s a hammam, and we all know how I love a hammam, even a culturally inappropriate one.

This one isn’t open yet, but someday, you’ll be able to sleep in a floating casino hotel in Iguazu. They’re calling it the “Mini Las Vegas” project. That sounds completely in keeping with the natural beauty of the environment.

And finally, you can experience the classiest piece of Buenos Aires seedy telo underbelly at Dissors Hotel.