Check the Box

Admittedly, “places to see before you die”-type lists are controversial. I get it: travel is about so much more than checking items off a list. “OK, Eiffel Tower, done. Now I can claim Paris as mine and move on.” That approach is guaranteed to make you come home with boring stories and overpriced souvenirs and probably the question, Why does everyone think this traveling thing is so fun?


I am also a list-loving, spreadsheet-making completist. It is a real goal of mine to have my feet on every continent before I die. So when I see a list like this one, I can’t resist it. You just click on the ones you’ve seen! So satisfying! Especially great for a day when not much else is going on but waiting for things to come out of the oven. So I had to go through.

My number, by the way, is 26. (My number of places on the list, dummy. Get your mind out of the gutter.) I will admit that, although I’ve been to Paris three times, I’ve never been to the Louvre. So much for checking off all the boxes. And I’ll be experiencing number 27 in a few months at Iguazu Falls. Laura’s, in case you were wondering, is 14. Brooke is too busy baking Thanksgiving Pye to take it today, but maybe after the holiday.

Click on over and play. What’s your number? What was your favorite one to see? What was your favorite place to visit that isn’t on this list?


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