Depends What the Definition of “Dodgy” Is

As loyal readers know, I’m finalizing plans for my first trip to South America, specifically, to Argentina. As I’ve mentioned, it’s a stupidly big country, and we want to see different parts of it. The question is, how to get to these different places?

Argentina is known for having fairly efficient and, one might even say, luxurious bus service. Like, lay flat seats, wine with dinner, games on board, etc. And I always prefer to travel by land than by air, because apparently facts and statistics are not convincing to my lizard brain that, while taking off in an airplane, always thinks, “This is very, very, very wrong, and we will surely all perish.” (That voice usually hushes once we reach cruising altitude.)

So I had assumed we’d travel by bus. Save a few bucks, see the country, and so on. But I did a bit of digging, and it turns out that, due to rising gas prices and increased competition, bus travel is not that much cheaper than air travel in Argentina these days. And there’s the time factor: the bus takes 17 hours (overnight, but you can’t sleep for all of that), while the flight takes only two. An additional consideration: my travel companion is essentially a giant. So while my short little frame may be comfortable on a bus for nearly a day, his legs will likely just secede from the rest of his body and hitch a ride back home in protest.

Last night we were discussing options, and Mike wanted to know why we wouldn’t just fly. I explained that I’d heard that Argentine flights were a little dodgy. This gave him pause. He needed more info. What, exactly, does “dodgy” mean? Based on what I’ve read, it mostly means uncertain schedules, lots of delays, possible cancellations.

“Oh,” he said. “Well that seems OK. As long as it doesn’t mean ‘held together with duct tape.'”

It’s an important distinction.

So what do you know, dear readers? Are Argentine flights merely late and annoying? Or are they death traps? Any experienced South American travelers out there who can shed some light on the situation?