Very TIny Voyage: The Commute

Last week I gave you my thoughts about commuting and choosing how to get to work (thus engaging in the much-maligned “route talk”). This week we give you someone else’s thoughts–and, more importantly, photos–on the same topic.

ArchitectureChicago PLUS provides news, opinions, and a lot of images of, as the name would suggest, Architecture in Chicago. If that’s a topic you’re at all interested in, you should check out more of their pages. Of particular interest to me, though, was a recent post by writer Lynn Becker, who explained¬†her new route to work and included some really striking, beautiful, and closely observed photos.

Besides just being pretty to look at, the post is a good reminder to pay attention to the everyday stuff of your life–and to mix up the everyday stuff every once in a while to help you open your eyes.


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