Very Tiny Voyage: ZooLights

2013-12-13 19.33.23

I am not a big Christmas person. I am, however, dating a big Christmas person. What this means is that I’m experiencing twenty times as much Christmas this year as I have since I was a small child. And not all of it is terrible! For example, this past weekend we checked out the delightful ZooLights at the Lincoln Park Zoo here in Chicago.

I love Lincoln Park Zoo in the warmer months, because it’s free and it’s easy to get to on public transit and there are penguins, sea otters, lions, and an aardvark. Have you ever seen an aardvark in person? It’s one of the cutest things in the entire world. I highly recommend it. During ZooLights, though, none of these animals are available for viewing. In reading the word ZooLights, you should put all of the emphasis on the Lights portion. It is, after all, presented by ComEd, and in the dead of Chicago winter.

We saw these animals:

One (1) tufted lynx. It was marching back and forth in its cage with a look on its face that clearly said, “I would like to eat all of these children’s faces.”

Two (2) primates of indeterminate sorts sitting totally still in the far upper reaches of their cages. They were done for the day.

Other than that, the animals were all made out of lights. Besides having all of the trees decked out in colored lights and a pretty elaborate lights show timed to Christmas carols, there were displays set up here and there, among the ice sculptor and the kiddie train and the Santa photos and the hot chocolate stands. These displays did include the two most famous Christmas animals:

The traditional Christmas dragon…

2013-12-13 19.27.17

…and the Fruit Stripes zebras.

2013-12-13 19.22.23

When the weather isn’t utterly freezing, it makes for a nice, festive stroll. If you’re in the area, check it out over the next couple of weeks. It runs through January 5.